How not to be a dumb blogger

Reposted from my personal blog after getting quite a lot of hits. Go figure it would happen on my personal blog.


Wrote this to a friend who asked a question about blogging:

Mitch’s quick & easy method to blogging. Tweaked over my 5 years of blogging. It isn’t perfect, but it works with minimal effort.
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my latest whitepaper – Social Intelligence for Market Research

Here’s a copy of the latest whitepaper I just authored in conjunction with my talk tomorrow at The Market Research Event in Boca.
This whitepaper discusses on the the most general, but very important Social-Intelligence use-cases for Market Researchers.

evovle24 – Whitepaper for Market Research

See ya at the event!

my talk next week @ the market research event

Next week I’ll be speaking at the Market Research Event in Boca Raton.  I encourage anyone who considers themselves a thought-leader in market research,  to attend and interact with my discussion.

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online retailers – disrupting relevance

It’s here, and a few selective online retailers are poised to take advantage of this new disruption come Cyber Monday.

Imagine a data pipe moving data to your ecommerce engine. Imagine this data providing real-time, geo-targeted intelligence derived from the millions of conversations occurring in social media containing highly valuable information about the brands, products, price preferences, sizes, and colors you’re carrying.

Now imagine what might happen to your conversion rate if this data also included emotive and psychographic intelligence.

Stop imagining. The disruptional force is here.

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the new innovation: consumer preference design

Whether you’re noticing it or not, Hyundai is rolling out their models using a smarter, faster, and more cost effective approach than their american counterparts. With it, they are also changing the way progressive companies approach innovation to leave their competitors in the dust.

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Converge 2012 – conference recap

The Institute for Search, Social, and Mobile Marketing (ISSMM) put on a spectacular conference in Chicago. The speaker lineup was impressive, and not just because I was one of them. Albeit, my preso was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Check it out on

I guess I would say this conference marked a fairly profound advancement in content from other social media conferences I’ve attended even over the last 6 months. Up until Converge 2012, speakers seemed to be merely showcasing various videos and other campaigns that had “gone viral”. While they were fun to watch, I’m not sure what value they provided to me as a participant there to learn how to do my job better. The other conferences seemed more or less vanity opportunities showcasing creative. I had trouble drawing insight and value.

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retail – Black Friday 2012 will mark a transformational industry shift

Black Friday 2012 is going to be an important milestone in the history of the retail industry. The conversations happening right now in social media contain an incredibly valuable intelligence payload which, if properly leveraged, can create enough competitive advantage to not just win on Black Friday, but move industry positions. Imagine a store so highly optimized the experience wins a customer’s loyalty after Black Friday. Industry positions are now in play.

2012’s vulnerable retailers will have relied on what we now know to be “legacy intelligence techniques” to inform their strategies. While the various forms of focus groups and surveys provide valuable information, the retail industry should understand the context of legacy intelligence:

surveys and focus groups represent what the subject wants to tell you – the retailer

2012’s retail winners will have integrated new real-time intelligence to inform their strategy: the intelligence available by analyzing the conversations in social media. In contrast to the legacy intelligence techniques, note the critical distinction in context.

intelligence derived from social media represents what the subjects wants to tell others – the friends, family, and business associates they influence

The payload available from social media intelligence is providing 2012’s Black Friday retailers with real-time, word-of-mouth intelligence. They’re using advanced intelligence, in real-time, including predictive analytics, to optimize the core pillars of retail success:

* optimized inventory – social media conversations convey brands, products, colors, and sizes. Volume, sentiment, and emotional elements of these conversations yields a predictive payload allowing the retailer to optimize their inventory. Down to geography and store level. Now, highly optimized inventory and distribution channels can yield maximum revenue and margin.

* optimized promotions – social intelligence can provide the most effective means to optimize promotions leading up to the date your advertisements go to print. Online retailers can adjust real-time for highly optimized strategies.

* optimized competitive intelligence – social intelligence delivers word-of-mouth intelligence yielding one of the most effective forms for analyzing the strengths of your plan competitively.

Here’s a toast in advance to the retailers who will make 2012 their year to leap.